Moving Tips

  • For a smooth move, make sure you clear with the management of the house that you are vacating well in advance of the moving day.
  • Choose ahead of time what things you need to take to your new home and what to abandon. If you haven’t used something in quite a while (6 months), chances are that you don’t need it. Why pay to have it moved?
  • Pack away your personal items such as laptops, tablets, perfumes, cosmetics and other items that you would want to use immediately, or not want anyone to touch.
  • If you do the packing yourself, mark each box with contents and the room it belongs to. That way, you won’t be opening a box of dishware in your bedroom or hunting for hours for the box that holds your printer cartridge.

Keep away your children during the moving hours. You may temporarily exile them to a friend or relative and bring them back when the move is complete.

Moving requires a lot of movement and children, with their playful nature, may accidently be hurt in the process

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide complete moving services including packing at your location of origin. We provide our own packing materials. We provide loading and unloading, transport and room-to-room re-arrangement in your new location. We assemble beds, hang curtains, install DSTV, mount TV and plug in all electronics thereby leaving you set to continue with your life.

Moving rates depend on the service required and the items being moved. We usually do a moving survey, however, we can provide you with a quote if you can tell us the service required by filling in the quotation requisition form. For office move, we always have to conduct a survey prior to proving a quote.

All our trucks and covered and will secure and protect the privacy of your belongings.

Think of technicians such as electricians, carpenters, painters and craftsmen who will help make your living enjoyable, we have them in-house, fully trained and they are at hand to provide you with the service that you require.

We take great care when handling your items. However, occasionally accidents do occur. When this happens, we compensate the damaged value of the item or replace it if repairing the item would not be possible.